KAZ Corporation's original development product


MAKIZANMAI's Main body

Recommended for those who already have the Electric wheelbarrow four-wheel drive 

Who need be attached to a wheelbarrow
※Please bring your own tools for fixing

MAKIZANMAI with three wheels

ON/OFF switch simple design

Adjustable function of spread width


MAKIZANMAI's Main body + Electric wheelbarrow four-wheel drive 


Kaz corporation’s original Electric wheelbarrow four-wheel drive

Install the spreader「MAKIZANMAI」onto  the KAZ Corporation’s original development product electric wheelbarrow

 Dismantle spreader「MAKIZANMAI」 can be used as an electric wheelbarrow by removing

About fertilizer

\ Fertilizer that can be sprayed /

Due to the design of the spray hopper, some fertilizer remains on the bottom.

\ Fertilizer that can be sprayed/

※Some fertilizer remains on the bottom of the hopper
※Occasionally clogs

\ Fertilizer that can′t be sprayed /

※Do not hold it in your hand to form a lump or spray anything that contains water.
※Fertilizer does not fall to the bottom and cannot be sprayed
※Clogged with fertilizer

Features of「MAKIZANMAI」


Realize time saving

You can spread fertilizer on rice fields for 2 hours continuously with the battery of the wheelbarrow fully charged.1000 ㎡takes about 15 minutes
(* measured by our company), achieving speedy work.Since the hopper capacity is as large as 60L, replenishment operation is reduced.


Spread over a wide area

The spread range is about 5 meters, the rotary gate is opened,
and spreading is done by rotating the rotary impeller.


Easy spread width adjustment

The speed of the rotating impeller at the spread drop port can be adjusted.
Adjust steplessly with the dial.
You can adjust the spread width to your liking by the rotation speed.


Save effort

Cargo bed MAX loading within 60kg,reduce supplementing fertilizer shorten the time.

Electric spreader +Wheelbarrow set


Our existing wheelbarrow「Electric Eco wheelbarrow21 ENETORA 4」
It is an original product that combines a spreader

Even on rough terrain

The front tires of wheelbarrow are pneumatic lug tires that are resistant to rough terrain.


Combined with wheelbarrow battery using

Using the battery of the electric wheelbarrow
・forward/back→battery drive
・Rotation of the spreader→ battery drive

Can be used as a single spreader without installing it on a wheelbarrow

Electric spreader「MAKIZANMAI」


Excluding wheelbarrow of「MAKIZANMAI」

The wheelbarrow is also sold separately.

Electric wheelbarrow


Max load 120kg.Slim type makes it easy to move in narrow passages
KT-8FRX エネトラ4 
KT-8FRX エネトラ4使用例1
KT-8FRX エネトラ4使用例2

Option to transform into 2 types

ENETORA4 dedicated option , Container box


Convenient transformation with the attachment dedicated to the electricwheelbarrow ENETORA 4

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Comany Information

お電話でもお問い合わせください 0794-82-6588
Company Name KAZ CO.,LTD.
Established March,1996
location Headquarters:2-11-41,FUKUI,MIKI-CITY,HYOGO-PREF.,JAPAN(ZIP 673-0433)
Business content
  • Main business items Manufacture and sale of small grinding machines for agriculture and forestry
  • Air Compressor
  • Air tool
  • Los splitter
  • Hydraulic machines (garage jacks, table carriers, pallet trucks)
  • Sale of gardening supplies, etc.
Business hours:9:00 a.m~17:30 p.m.
Regular holidays: Saturdays・Sundays and public holidays

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