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3-Wheel type
4-wheel type

\3-Wheel type's feature/

①Realize time saving

※A small amount of fertilizer will remain on the bottom of the container
※Sometimes clog

When the battery is fully charged, continuous operation for about 10 hours of fertilizer spreading work can be performed.

991.74㎡ takes about 15 minutes (* measured by our company), achieving speedy work.

② Spread over a wide area

Depending on the size and weight of the fertilizer grains, the power of the electric rotary plate can spread the fertilizer evenly over an area of about 5 meters.

③ Easy to run

Each of the three tires has a diameter of 31 cm(12.2inch).
Can run on uneven ground,Reduces risk of falls.

④ Can run on unevenground

Can pulling or pushing the spreader to operate.
In places with a lot of uneven ground, you can easily spread by pulling the spreader.
Since it is electric, it can maintain a constant amount and width of spray even if it is pushed or pulled.
※In the video, the test was performed in an uneven ground environment with a lot of dry grass.

⑤ No need to carry heavy fertilizer

The spreader has a capacity of 60 liters and can spread a lot of fertilizer at once. It is easy to replenish during work, leading to a reduction in labor.

⑥ Products developed, made by our own factory

All products are developed and assembled by our factory. In order for our customers to use our products with confidence, we assemble them one by one by hand.

⑨ Stable spread width and spread rate

Since the rotating plate is electric, it achieves a wide and stable spraying amount.Equipped with a 12V motor and a LiFePO4 battery, it is possible to maintain a constant spraying width regardless of the traveling speed. (Spreading width varies depending on the fertilizer).
Since the rotating plate that scatters fertilizer rotates clockwise, fertilizer flies better on the right side .

⑦Can easily adjust the spread width※


The speed of the rotating plate that scatters fertilizer is adjustable.It can be adjusted steplessly with the dial by yourself.You can change the spread amount and spread width according to the fertilizer you want to spread.
※In the case of KT-603EL, the spread width specification is about 5.5m(196.85inch).

⑧ Can spread in drill


If you add an optional volume switch, you can easily spread in drill.
Fine adjustment is possible with low speed rotation, and a minimum width of about 40 cm (15.748inch)can be sprayed.
※In order to make pictures clearer ,we spread a lot of fertilizer.


It is a type that does not require adjustment with a spread width of about 5 meters(196.85inch).※
(When spreading granular fertilizer)


You can adjust the spread width from about 40 cm(15.748inch) to about 5 meters(196.85inch)
※(When spreading granular fertilizer)


Fertilizer that can be spread or cannot be

\ Fertilizer that can be spread with “Makizanmai” /

Due to the design of the spread container, some fertilizer will remain at the bottom.

\ Fertilizer that sometimes gets clogged but can be spread with "Makizanmai" /

※A small amount of fertilizer will remain on the bottom of the container
※Sometimes clog

\ Fertilizers that cannot be spread with “Makizanmai”/

※Do not spread objects that clump together with your hands or that contain water.。
※Fertilizer does not fall to the bottom and cannot be spread
※Fertilizer clogging up

Use LiFePO4 battery

Dimensions Width 150* Depth 210* Thickness 40 mm
Weight about 1.5KG
Capacity 48,000mAh/153Wh
Charging time about 4 hours
Battery Cycle Life about 1000 times
Output ・USB TypeA
・USB TypeA(QC3.0)
・USB TypeC
Input ・special charger
・USB TypeC

Features of “Makizanmai”


Realize time saving

You can spread fertilizer on rice fields for 2 hours continuously with the battery of the wheelbarrow fully charged.1000 ㎡takes about 15 minutes , (* measured by our company), achieving speedy work.Since the hopper capacity is as large as 60L, replenishment operation is reduced.


Spread over a wide area

The spread range is about 5 meters, the rotary gate is opened,
and spreading is done by rotating the rotary impeller.


Easy spread width adjustment

The speed of the rotating impeller at the spread drop port can be adjusted.
Adjust steplessly with the dial.
You can adjust the spread width to your liking by the rotation speed.


Save effort

Cargo bed MAX loading within 60kg,reduce supplementing fertilizer shorten the time.

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